Beyond Yourself Publishing of Ojai, California publishes my books. Most are available on Amazon and Apple's iBooks by following the links next to each book.

The Oarsman

A dying man hires an oarsman to take him up a mystical river to find paradise. Along the way, the man encounters all the roles he has played in his long and winding life.

He meets himself as an artist aching to heal the world, as a merchant obsessed with building the biggest castle, and even as a shy dreamer imagining himself a brave knight while too afraid to let the world paint itself.

As the man goes further back in time, aided by the magic of the river, he encounters agents sent to derail his quest, and also begins to suspect that the oarsman is more than he seems.

Even though it reminds me of "The Little Prince", "Don Quixote", "The Alchemist", this is a unique tale, that's nothing like other stories. It's magical, spiritual, and a smart read.


The Oarsman is a beautifully written book filled with inspirational situations and enlightening metaphors.

RT Book Reviews

This has to be one of the most beautiful stories that I have ever read.

Books From Dusk Till Dawn

The Oarsman, by Zubin Mathai, is a wonderfully inspiring read, undoubtedly one of the more beautifully penned literary works.

IWIC Magazine

Little Bites of Truth

1000 Explorations to Savor, for Meditation, Mindfulness, and Self-Enquiry

A book of over 1000 poems and snippets of prose to take you deeper into your practice.

Meant to be opened at random, so you can savor the piece you discover on any day. Let it sit in the back of your mind, and use it to gently light the gems of the present moment.

The Ant That Found God

A worker ant hears whispers as she picks up a fallen petal. She begins hearing the same whispers on the wind, in the sunshine filtering down through the trees, and in the dangers her colony faces.

Soon, unable to ignore the whispers any longer, the ant leaves home and goes on an adventure into the deepest and most unknown parts of the forest.

I saw this simple story as a complex tale of endurance, stamina, courage, friendship, honor, and willingness to meet challenges when there is a goal that is strongly sought.

J. Shulman

The Ant that found God is an inspiring story that touches the soul and reminds us that in spite of everything we think is important about life and the goals we strive to achieve, that the real joy of living exists within us already.

IWIC Magazine

As Ojai

Knowledge about oneself can be gleamed from the way light sparkles off a boulder, or by the way a heart beats when exhausted from a strenuous, uphill climb into fresh air.

As I trek the nature trails in sunny Ojai, California, I begin to see that that same boulder, that tree, the dust on the road, and the vista of the mountains, are all me.

Everything is as me, everything is as Ojai.

Soon to be published.

Weight Loss, Love, & Self-Acceptance

A book on my journey of beating addictions by enquiring into my truer nature.

While the book focuses on my weight loss journey almost twenty years ago, its true goal is to show that acceptance of thoughts and addictions, without giving in to them, nor running from them, lessens their power.

And, ultimately, the only way to kill these addictions forever is to see that you are not them — not even their owner — but rather the same consciousness which animates them.

This book was well-received by the readers who purchased it, but is now no longer in print. I am working on an updated and expanded copy which will soon be published.

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