One-on-One Mindfulness and Healing Sessions
with Zubin Mathai, Bites of Bliss Coach

Good for Health

Being present helps you rediscover balance, harmony, and energy.

Good for Focus

A quieter mind increases focus, disentangling all areas of your life.

Good for Happiness

Your natural state is bliss. Explore inward to remove blocks to that naturalness.

Good for Habits

Bringing self-enquiry into daily life ensures that habits begin losing their hold on you.

Take bites of bliss until bliss fills you.

The four-pronged approach to Bites of Bliss:

Short Sessions

I believe that mindfulness doesn’t have to be sitting for longer and longer sessions…

What good is it if you can sit mindfully for an hour, but are then unfocused for the rest of the day?

I employ mindfulness exercises to help you gently return to the present. The more often you taste that bliss, through the ups and downs of being human, the more it becomes your rediscovered, natural state.


The main block to going deeper is your investment in thoughts, emotions and habits…

By themselves, these waves in the human experience, these thoughts and emotions, are not bad, but holding on to them or allowing them to pull up even more mind-stuff, is.

Self-enquiry will help you de-tangle your investment in whatever is arising in you.


For it to become a lifelong source of light, it is important to tailor a practice that you can keep doing…

I believe in working one-on-one or in small groups in order to tailor the practice for the individual.

Some people need to practice focus and returning to the present, while others need help de-tangling investment in habitual thoughts. Most people need a specially-tuned balance of these two approaches.

Trying is Believing

My joy is sharing the depths I’ve touched, and helping others live more open, free, and fulfilled…

As such, I give anyone interested a free session so they can have a taste of bliss in a consciously-directed moment.

While in-person meetings are very powerful, presence and self-exploration can also be shared over skype or the phone.

I love this style of teaching. No pressure, no confusion, just simple self-exploration combined with mindfulness. I think self-exploration was the missing piece for me, since I've noticed returning to those little blissful glimpses throughout the day.

J. W. - Santa Barbara

It's night and day, solitary vs exploring with an experienced teacher. I felt a depth and joy to my days like never before.

C. D. - Santa Barbara

Zubin has a wonderful energy and sense of humor. I was a bit stubborn to seeing what he was guiding me to at first, but then it clicked. I was ecstatic!

M. B. - Ojai

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