I sat to meditate facing those timeless peaks, and something interesting happened. No matter how often I tried to focus on my breath, I was distracted by a visitor, a curious little laughing silence. Finally, one day, the curiosity became contagious and I turned towards that silence…

The Space for Mediation

We are located in a wonderful character house in downtown Santa Barbara that has been converted to offices. Even though we are a small space, we have arranged it to be a welcoming and relaxing one.

There are chairs to sit on (I don’t believe in forcing people to sit cross-legged on the floor), as well as the beautiful, bubbling sound of a fountain, and incense and essential oil diffusers with subtle scents to aid in relaxation.

We are also two blocks from Alice Keck park, which is the perfect space for sitting meditations for some of our sessions.

The Space of Zubin

Over the years, I’ve been many things: programmer, entrepreneur, writer, spiritual seeker, and they all came with labels and identity.

Nowadays I just consider myself an expression of life, quietly roaring, whatever I may be doing.

I grew up in Montreal, enjoying the seasons, and that air could taste differently when warm or cold. I now live in Santa Barbara, which has little difference between winter and summer, but I appreciate its gift of sunshine.

My most precious and life-changing time was when I traveled to India, not speaking any of the languages, and went to the foothills of the Himalayas to meditate for five glorious months in a quiet forest.

When I returned and grew older, and let go of much of the baggage of my life, a passion arose: to share my heart somehow. I choose to share through writing with the same joy and abandon I did as a child, and through speaking from the silence that I see infusing everything.

That full and dynamic silence is the space I try to live in and from, and is also the space I try and hold for people I am interacting with.

The Space of You

You are silence and life, stillness and motion, the space for all emotions, and the vibration of bliss. You are everything and nothing, and your birthright is joy.

You are the feeling of I Am when no other word follows it, and if you are not yet feeling at peace in your life, then you are stuck in a dissolvable belief that you are not free.

You owe it to yourself to try meditation and self-enquiry, to experience the full space of you.

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