You are the pristine awareness infusing this moment, and when your attention rests in this luminous drop that you are, you experience peace, contentment, and effortless love.


Bites of Bliss are healing-mindfulness sessions that work with your innate light to help you through issues and bring harmony back to your life.

Using guided exploration and exercises to bypass your mind, these sessions can dissolve anxiety, disconnection, habits, and can shed light on difficulties you are working through. Your life can be brought back to effortless joy.

We always offer a complimentary session for new friends.

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Our Capacity

We all have a capacity in us to feel unbounded bliss. With guidance, you can easily dip back into this space, a space from where answers to problems spontaneously arise, and where peace filters through your life.

Repeatedly taking these Bites of Bliss with an experienced guide can make you more sensitive to the messages coming through every experience, and can re-awaken your innate love and connection to yourself and others.

Bites of Bliss

Bites of Bliss sessions are offered by Zubin Mathai, an experienced mindfulness and self-enquiry teacher.

Zubin travelled to India 25 years ago to look for a teacher. What he instead found was a blessed forest in the Himalayas, where for five months he fell into that space of Love infusing us all. He now only wants to share what is in his heart with others.

He has found that taking little Bites of Bliss throughout the day can change a life. Anyone can dip the largest of ladles into this pristine Love and Wisdom, with just a little guidance.

How Zubin Helps

One-on-One Sessions: One-on-one sessions are a powerful tool, since energy, silence, and bliss are contagious. Typically, sessions include meeting via phone, Skype, or in-person at our office. We will explore whatever is arising for you, and you will be led to the space from where wisdom and answers are born.

You already have the power to weaken habitual thoughts and clear doubts over whatever you might be facing. You just need to be shown the way.

Group Sessions: Zubin is also available to lead group sessions upon request.

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