For the time we meet, my heart is yours. I will nurture your questions, curiosity, openness, or issues as if they were my own: by dipping them back into the silent wholeness that they arose from.

Price list

– In-Person Sessions –

Small group session ⎯ $35/person



In-person rates are for my office, and I may charge more if you want me to visit you. For group sessions, there is a 2 person minimum. I can fit a max of 8 people in my space, but if you want to use your space, there is no maximum.

Payment is required in full at the time of the sessions.

Rescheduling & Cancellations: An advanced notice of 2 hours is required for rescheduling an appointment.

My prices are to cover my time, allow me to meet as many people as possible, and are less than half of what light workers typically charge. My goal is to share my heart and help others towards a more fulfilling life.

Namaste and Love
May your heart burst with bliss

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