For the time we meet, my heart is yours. I will nurture your questions, curiosity, openness, or issues as if they were my own: by dipping them back into the silent wholeness that they arose from.

Price list

First Session ⎯
Follow-Up Session ⎯
Introductory Course ⎯
(Pack of 10 Sessions)
Intermediate Course ⎯
(Pack of 10 Sessions)



After your free session, you can pay per session or buy classes in blocks of ten.

My prices are to cover my time, and are less than half of what meditation coaches typically charge. My goal is to share my heart and help others towards a more fulfilling life.

I never press people to sign up for additional sessions or courses. I do not like hard-selling. Rather, after the first free session, usually my new friend brings up whether or not they are interested in more sessions.

Namaste and Love
May your heart burst with bliss

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