About Me


Over the years, I've been many things: programmer, entrepreneur, writer, spiritual seeker, and they all came with labels and identity.

Nowadays I just consider myself an expression of life, quietly roaring, whatever I may be doing.

I grew up in Montreal, enjoying the seasons, and that air could taste differently when warm or cold. I now live in Ojai, which has little difference between winter and summer, but I appreciate its gift of sunshine.

My most precious and life-changing time was when I traveled to India, not speaking any of the languages, and went to the foothills of the Himalayas to meditate for five glorious months in a quiet forest.

When I returned and grew older, and let go of much of the baggage of my life, a passion arose: to write with the same joy and abandon I did as a child.

I want to write stories which capture the human spirit, the true spirit, the bright light within that seeks, soars, and loves.